Welcome to Arroyo’s (full-length)

4M, 2W (including 2M doubling as live onstage DJs)

Developed at Hip-Hop Theater Festival, The Lark, Summer Play Festival, Donmar Warehouse, South Coast Repertory, and New York University

THOUGHTS FROM ME: this is my baby, the first full-length play I ever wrote.  It’s been a long, hard road for this bad boy.  I could say a million things about this play and the process of bringing it into the world, but I’ll just mention what the whole experience taught me: never give up on writing the things that absolutely matter most to you.  This is hip-hop theater with a traditional narrative structure, a love song to the Lower East Side, and the single play that (even more than Chad Deity) explains who I am and why I am.

April 2010
American Theater Company
directed by Jaime Castaneda
starring Joe Minoso and Sadieh Rifai (More casting announcements to come real soon.  They will melt your face.)


The Lark/Hip-Hop Theater Festival
Barebones workshop

Summer Play Festival