In no particular order:

1. Rosie Perez asking me (read: telling me) to drink the “Green Juice.”  I still don’t know what was in the” Green Juice.”  I drank it though, because Rosie is, as her bio for the event said, a “Puerto Rican Icon.”  (That was actually her entire bio. I want to be like Rosie when I grow up.)

2. Selecting our casts: I was particularly bummed that Sarah Silverman, Sam Rockwell, and Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar from The Wire) weren’t going to be part of my team — I had big plans for those folks. But I ended up blessed with kind of the ideal group of folks for a show like this: Elizabeth Banks, Leslie Bibb, America Ferrara, Cheyenne Jackson, and the aforementioned Puerto Rican Icon.

3. Leslie Bibb continuing to struggle on the line: “I mean, maybe. We don’t even know who you are.”  You know that look when an actor knows she knows the line but can’t keep herself from stumbling on it?  She had it.  All day.  She kept looking over at me to make sure she got it right — and she got it right more often than she thought she did.  At one point, she even kind of apologized for stumbling on it — and in my mind, I was thinking “after your performance in this scene — you can do no wrong in my eyes.”

4. Leslie Bibb telling me I “looked so handsome” in my suit.  That was nice too.

5. Finding ourselves on the dance floor, and the DJ playing this song, and then realizing that, oh by the way, Gloria effing Estefan was dancing right next to us, and not only that, so was Emilio Estefan, and not only that, they were now leading us in kind of a version of the Electric Slide.

6.  Getting special permission from Gloria effing Estefan herself, in person, to use that same song in our play — so Cheyenne Jackson could dress as a woman and perform the dance Tracy Morgan did to get on 30 Rock.  (It was a weird play.)

7.  Hearing America Ferrera rap the word “sausages” with great power and dedication while Leslie Bibb beatboxed. (It was a weird play.)

8. Realizing that I kind of wrote a song with M. Ward. Not really, but kind of.

9. Coming to the conclusion that Rachel Dratch might be the funniest human being on the planet, especially onstage.

10. Finding out that our play was going last in a bill that included Rajiv Joseph (who had Jennifer Aniston jumping in for a last minute cameo), Theresa Rebeck, and Lynn Nottage (who wrote a beautiful short play for muMs and Sarah Silverman — I’d love to see a full-length version).  Humbling.  Beyond belief.

This all was kind of fun, I’d say.