I haven’t been updating this blog lately.  I’m hoping to remedy that.  Maybe.  But I’m here with a quick bit of info in response to a bunch of comments folks have been leaving.  The question is all the same: how can I buy/obtain a copy of the script for The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity?

The short answer, sadly, is: you can’t.  We haven’t yet signed a publication deal.  I expect an arrangement to be made sometime in 2011.  We’re still hammering out some details for the potential future life of the play (don’t worry — you will definitely have the opportunity to see it again sometime soon, somewhere in the country), and once those plans are in place, we can move on to publishing.  I’ll let you know ASAP.

Until then, your best bet is to contact my agent Derek Zasky at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (dzasky@wmeentertainment.com; 212.903.1396).  We’re making the script available primarily for educational purposes (colleges and/or folks who want to write about it) and to theaters interested in potentially producing it when the rights become available, but other arrangements might be able to be made.

So there’s that.