The powerbomb is officially back in my life.

On Monday, we started rehearsals for the Mixed Blood Minneapolis-premiere production of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.  It’s a production that, unfortunately, I won’t be deeply involved with, as I leave town Wednesday for the world premiere production of Welcome to Arroyo’s in Chicago, before heading to New York City for that other little production I’ve got going on there.

I’m going to try desperately to be consistent in my updates during all this, mostly because I’ll certainly need the outlet.  It’s a few months of long days and nights, so there will be no shortage of info/thoughts to share.

For now, I’ll direct your attention to the Mixed Blood press release, and I’ll highlight the relevant passage about the cast and crew — who I met yesterday, and about whom I’m super excited.

Mixed Blood veteran actor/director/playwright Thomas W. Jones II directs an ensemble that includes Ansa Akyea as the African American All-American champion Chad Deity, Gerardo Rodriguez as Macedonia Guerra, Shalin Agarwal, Edwin Strout, and real professional wrestler Billy Blaze.

It’s always tricky to walk away from a production knowing that you won’t be back in town until it opens, and you’ve just got to close your eyes and let it go and feel like your words will be in good hands — but that’s exactly how I feel this time around.  Good hands, to be certain.

And one of the ways I know I’m in good hands?  When one of your actors is in the process of finishing a movie that could pretty much be part of your play, you’re going to tend to exhale a bit.