It’s 12:42 in Minneapolis.  I’m heading to sleep.

Tomorrow, I start rehearsals for a three day workshop of Guernica, my three character (maybe four now) play about religion, violence, and incest.  All implied, of course.  Or as implied as those things can be.  I’ve got a great director and cast — I’ll talk about them later.  This is a play that’s been percolating for years (at least five, probably seven), and I’m not sure if it will ever be done.  This is also the first real extended workshop opportunity this play has gotten, so I’m pretty excited about it.

This upcoming Monday, I start rehearsals for a Minneapolis production of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.  On Tuesday, I start rehearsals for the Chicago world premiere production of Welcome to Arroyo’s.  Then in a couple of weeks, I start rehearsals for The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity in New York City.  There’s a trip to Louisville for the Humana Festival thrown into the mix there somewhere too.

It’s going to be an insane month.

So what I’m hoping to do is regularly update this space.  This journey’s got to be of interest to someone.