From Francis Sadac of From The Ledge:

Kristoffer Diaz’s impressive, unforgettable world premiere was a blistering, flammable, extremely intelligent portrayal of contemporary American society’s complicated relationships with its immigrants, its politics, and its economic divisions, set within the microcosm of the wrestling world. Director Eddie Torres wondrously mixed together hiphop music, beefcake, crowd-rousing entrances, an in-your-face sensibility, and Desmin Borges’ triumphant, definitive Macedonio, the audience’s sherpa as well as surrogate, to give Diaz’s brilliant writing a highly original production.  It’s one of the best plays I’ve seen in this decade.

From Chris Jones in the Tribune:

This eye-popping, brilliantly acted world premiere from the young scribe Kristoffer Diaz offered both an intellectually rich exploration of America’s geopolitical role and a full-on re-creation of the world of professional wrestling. It killed.

(UPDATE: Turns out that while the article part of the Tribune linked above has Chad Deity as the 4th best show of the year, the front page of the Tribune has it listed as the BEST show of the year.  Honestly, I’m not deeply invested either way, but it’s a beautiful thing to see this.)

I’ll let you know if there are any more.