From New York Magazine:

Afrobeat is no joke: A trio of injured performers in Broadway’s delightful Fela! forced the cancellation of last night’s show, says a producer. A dance captain was out with a busted wrist, one ensemble member was rushed to the hospital after being elbowed in the eye during yesterday’s matinee, and another was having back spasms shortly before curtain. Not to jinx anything, but we’re just thankful nobody’s been tripped yet during that part where the dancers run through the theater in the dark, and that the guy playing Fela hasn’t fallen off that ladder near the end.

I had the same thought about that damn ladder when I saw it.  They seem to be tempting fate.

More importantly…the fact that these performers are putting themselves on the line like this means something.  This show is stretching the limits of what its singer/dancers can do, and they should be commended.  Go see it.  I’m not saying you’re going to necessarily love it, but if you like and/or create physical theater, you’ve got to be aware of what’s happening here.