That’s what the Broadway production of Wicked grossed last week.  Amazing.

What I find even more amazing is that the second highest grossing show of last week was The Lion King, with just under $1.7 million pulled in for the week.  Wicked has been running since 2003.   Lion King opened in 1997.  These are both major-mega-long-running hits…and they’re still getting it done.  I haven’t seen Wicked, somehow, so I can’t comment on its quality, but I can say with confidence that Lion King is one of the better shows on Broadway still, even more than a decade later.

Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, and West Side Story close out the top ten.  Those first two shows will run for semi-forever, although I don’t think they’re going to be around quite as long as Simba and them (although Jersey Boys seems to be a unique case — it’s not a kid show like Lion King or a tween show like Wicked, but it has found its boomer audience who will come out and support it for a long, long time.).  West Side, sadly, doesn’t strike me as long for this world, even with this big week — I just don’t think folks will stay quite so excited about it for much longer.

A not of interest for me: A Little Night Music is jumping out to a great start in previews at the Walter Kerr.  Why is that interesting? I don’t know.