So I’m eight days away (as I write this, seven when it’s posted) from the first rehearsal of my first ever world premiere.

For those who don’t know, I wrote this play called The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.  It’s been developed over the last year by Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater (with Chicago’s Teatro Vista), and is now scheduled to kick off their mainstage season in late September.

Which means the work starts in earnest now.

I’m going to try to blog consistently about the process over the next month (and beyond — the same play goes into production at Philadelphia’s InterAct shortly after we start in Chicago).  No promises, but I’ll definitely do my best.

We got an e-mail today about the schedule for our first rehearsal; this follows last week’s e-mail of the contact sheet and rehearsal/performance schedule.  The whole thing hadn’t felt concrete until now.  There are thirty-five e-mail on our e-mail distribution list.  They’re all working on the show that started three years ago in my head with a rant about old school WWF action figures (or, more accurately, “wrestling guys”).  I’ve been involved in something like this before — most notably at The Lark, when they co-produced my play Welcome to Arroyo’s with the mighty Hip-Hop Theater Festival.  This is different though — that was a Barebones production in a small, intimate room.  We had an amazing cast, a professional creative team, and an incredible passion for the project filling the room, and it was truly a remarkable experience.  But now, we’ve got the cast, the creative team, and the passion, plus a big old huge old theater company behind us (not to mention a real live professional wrestler in training to keep it all authentic).

It’s overwhelming in the best possible way.