It was amazing, intense, and sometimes, to be honest, a little difficult.  I’m hoping to give a full report sometime soon, although I can’t make any promises.

In the interim, here are some of our reviews (I’ll add more to this post as they come in):

*Most of the shows offered during the 33rd Humana Festival have serious intentions. As noted, even humorous works offer that feeling through a very dark lens. The one cheerful production is Brink!, the 2009 anthology written for the theater’s acting apprentice company. Six playwrights were commissioned to write brief pieces about rites of passage — birth, adolescence, dating, first job, marriage and so on — that would be performed by 21 aspiring actors who have spent the year in less visible capacities.

*This is one of the better [apprentice anthologies] I’ve seen, and one of the reasons is that there are a couple of different story lines that run through the 90-minute piece. “Grandpa’s Cologne,” a two-song musical by Kristoffer Diaz and Greg Kotis, tells the story of a young man preparing for his first date with an older woman, a seventh-grader who just moved into his condo complex.