From East Village Idiot:

Today, the MTA will vote to raise fares again… this time to the tune of 23%. Your monthly Metrocard that cost you $81 this month will cost you $103 in June.

Yes, it’s outrageous. Yes, it’s unfair. But no, it’s not entirely the MTA’s fault. In fact, this fare hike could have been easily prevented by Albany in the past and present, but everyone finds it easy to blame the MTA for this. Stop blaming the MTA, and blame the people who deserve to be blamed.

There’s a whole lot more in the article.   New York is in trouble, folks.   I was in a meeting the other day in which a city employee said, in so many words, “New York doesn’t have any money.”  Budgets are being cut left and right, folks are being laid off, and now the subway’s going to cost more.  It’s scary.

And this, my friends, is the stuff that’s going to eventually impact Broadway and the rest of the theater industry.