1. The fish swam over into a little cave and shut the door. This cave had a door. Trust me. The giant was left alone again with the fly’s cries. about 6 hours ago from web

2. In a lot of stories, this is where the little fish doesn’t give up and overcomes adversity. This isn’t one of those stories. The fish quit.12:57 PM Mar 9th from web

3. The fish tugged. The giant attempted to paddle. Progress was not made. Tears flowed from the giant’s eyes. It all seemed kind of hopeless.9:51 AM Mar 9th from web

4. You see, the little fish was little. The giant was, well, a giant. Try as the fish might, he couldn’t budge the big guy. Screaming. Still. 8:27 AM Mar 9th from web

5. The little fish tied a rope to the giant’s wrist, grasped the rope between his teeth, and swam as fast as he could. But they didn’t move.9:08 PM Mar 8th from web

6. The story is taking a break. I don’t feel good today.7:44 AM Mar 8th from web

7. The little fish kept laughing, but somewhere in his heart he found a little mercy for the ridiculous giant. He promised to lead him to help.1:04 PM Mar 6th from web

8. The giant wasn’t used to being laughed at, but the noise from his hands made him unable to react. He pleaded with his eyes for assistance.11:58 AM Mar 6th from web

9. So the little blue fish swam right up to the giant with the shrieking fly hands. The fish looked at the giant for a long while. And laughed.9:29 AM Mar 6th from web

10. The little blue fish though, this fish never got scared when he heard things, no matter how loud or fly screamy they might be. Never scared.10:22 PM Mar 5th from web

11. Most fish are afraid of anything they hear. It’s quiet down there, and they have no ears. So when some noise sneaks through, it’s scary.1:41 PM Mar 5th from web

12. This fish was blue. Remember that. It’s important. The tiny blue fish was different than all the other fish because he feared no sounds.12:46 PM Mar 5th from web

13. The more the giant scrubbed, the quicker the screams spread. Even under the water, the noise drew a crowd. A tiny fish approached, unafraid.11:58 AM Mar 5th from web

15. The flies shrieked louder, spread thin across his hands, dripping now to his wrists, up his forearms, coating his biceps in sounds of agony.8:51 AM Mar 5th from web

16. The giant knew not how to handle the cacophony. He ran to his favorite stream, plunging himself headlong into its waters. It didn’t work.5:31 AM Mar 5th from web

17. The screams grew louder. The giant’s hands began to burn, then glow. They vibrated with tens of tiny fly death wails, so steady and solid.11:58 AM Mar 4th from web

18. The giant, being a giant, couldn’t just run to a sink and wash the screams from his hands. He wasn’t used to washing at all. Off he ran.11:29 AM Mar 4th from web

19. When the giant clapped, the flies in his fist screamed. Their cries flattened out and spread across his hands like fresh picked raspberries.10:32 AM Mar 4th from web

20. One day, the giant found himself with a fist full of flies. He tended to gather quite a collection as the day progressed. Then he clapped.9:16 AM Mar 4th from web

# This giant, he wasn’t one of those gentle giants who don’t know their own strength and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He knew. He would. So he did.8:42 AM Mar 4th from web

# Once upon a time there was a giant named…well, his name isn’t important. He was a giant, which is unusual. He lived in a way tall house.7:50 AM Mar 4th from web

I feel like I should write 140 character poems on this thing. But about what?9:47 AM Mar 3rd from web