At least judging by ticket sales so far.  Over a million dollars for its first seven performances, 96% of all available tickets sold, #2 in overall ticket sales for the week (behind the juggernaut that is Wicked but ahead of the juggernaut that is Jersey Boys).  And that’s before reviews, which I think will be solid if not spectacular.  As expected, this show should be a big old moneymaker.  (More from Variety here.)

What I’m really interested in seeing is how West Side impacts sales for In The Heights — I’d like to believe that Broadway can support two Latino musicals at the same time, especially since they’re the two most important Latino musicals of all-time, and especially especially since they’re not really Latino musicals in any way that should prevent audiences of all kinds from coming out in droves.  (In related news, I’m going to see In The Heights again on Saturday — first time with the replacement cast for me, and first time since seeing West Side.  Should be worth a nice juicy post next week.)

In other box office news: Shrek seems to be limping along, selling 65% of all available tickets.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this show as it goes forward.  There are a lot of straight plays opening on Broadway this year, and not a ton of children-themed shows that come to mind.  The longer Shrek can keep bringing in even 65% capacity audiences, the more I like its chances of eventually catching on and recouping.