I kind of figured everyone had seen this already, but it turns out lots of folks haven’t, and that’s unacceptable.

And of course, those same guys did this:

And then there’s this that started it all:

On the topic of that last one, and all of them really, I’d like to point out the differences between what these guys do and what, say, Ben Stiller does.  When Dick in a Box starts, it’s already funny due to the funny mustaches and hairpieces and outfits.  They’re lampooning something specific, and they’re doing it in an immediately effective way.  It’s not a case of throwing on a mustache and speaking in a broad “Mexican” accent and calling it a day — that’s the Stiller school of comedy.

More importantly though, there’s another step to Dick in a Box — the joke itself is funny.  It’s not relying on the broad, boring, and sometimes ugly stereotype to carry the humor.  It’s actually parodying something that’s worth parody, and doing it with some brains.

The other real beauty about all these songs is that they work as songs, particularly I’m On A Boat, which absolutely could be any other of T-Pain’s songs.  The video looks like a hip-hop video.  It’s all stuck in my head for days after I watch it, and I imagine it might get stuck in yours too.  It’s high-quality smart dumb humor.

Then of course, they also do stuff like this, which is funnier than anything because of how dumb it is: