…but I was irked by another little tiny part of a little tiny article today (on the heels of my displeasure with that one line in the Variety review of Taking Over):

I have friends, close friends, who are having a hard time with this, really struggling with it. They don’t understand why Bruce Springsteen is playing halftime of the Super Bowl. One friend calls it “a soul-crushing betrayal.” Another calls it “the ultimate sellout.” It should be added that these friends are all football fans as well as Bruce Springsteen fans — well, aren’t all football fans Springsteen fans?

Now look — I know that last line is just a throwaway, and I know what he’s going for with it, and well, maybe that’s the problem.  (I should add here that I generally like this dude, especially when he’s talking about baseball.)  But there’s an oversimplicity to that line (and to its intention, I think) that really rubs my the wrong way.  The implication, I believe, is that all real football fans are working class kinda guys, which in this case, is read working class white guys, which means, of course, guys who like Springsteen.  And that’s just sloppy.  And again, I know it’s a throwaway, and it’s a joke, and it ain’t all that deep, but guess what?  I know a TON of football fans who aren’t Springsteen fans (myself largely included), white and otherwise, and quite frankly, I feel a little dismissed.

But just a little.