So the first review I’ve read says…it’s great:

A half century after its world premiere at D.C.’s National Theater, “West Side Story” returns to the same venue for another pre-Broadway engagement. This time, it’s the much anticipated bilingual version revised and helmed by original librettist Arthur Laurents to provide maximum relevance for today’s auds. He’s done it just right — a sincere and energetic production that still dazzles with Jerome Robbins’ riveting choreography and the landmark Bernstein-Sondheim score. It could be the perfect tonic for Broadway’s economic blues.

I’m not so sure still. The introduction of the Spanish concerns me (although Lin-Manuel Miranda’s presence eases my fears a bit), and I don’t how to feel about the changes to Krupke. Then there’s the fact that I don’t usually agree with Variety on much of anything. But still–I’d rather the reviews be good than bad.

UPDATE: The reviews all seem to be pretty good.