I just came across a casting notice for something called Oz, The Musical.  Turns out it’s a new musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and while I’m not sure the world needs another musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, it’s certainly much better than the alternative: a musical adaptation of HBO’s Oz, which is the first thing that came to my mind.   I mentioned the title to Barry Bonds, and his response (and our ensuing conversation) was telling:

[12:25] Smichovsky: i just read a casting notice for “Oz, The Musical”
[12:25] BarryBonds: wait, what
[12:25] BarryBonds: hold on
[12:26] BarryBonds: i have to go shut everything in my life down right now so i can pay attention to this…
[12:26] BarryBonds: wait, what?
[12:26] Smichovsky: no, no, no
[12:26] Smichovsky: it ended up being about the wizard
[12:26] Smichovsky: i was nervous for a second there
[12:26] BarryBonds: okay, i’m gonna go start my life back up again
[12:27] BarryBonds: thank you
[12:27] BarryBonds: i was trying to choreagraph the Adebisi rape scenes
[12:27] Smichovsky: no, no you weren’t.
[12:27] Smichovsky: i’m not allowing that.
[12:27] BarryBonds: okay, just the music for it