I’m stealing these from Baseball Musings, which pulls them all from other spots (which I’ll note as well):

*The Indians signed Carl Pavano, which I mention mainly for this line from BM:

If Pavano pitches great and Sabathia ends up injured for most of the season, I suspect a lot of Yankees fans will be sore from banging their heads against a wall.

And such is the life of a Yankee fan.

*Thoughts from the Mark Teixeira unveiling:

*Said he used to wear a Yankees hat to Orioles games in Baltimore as a kid, which was not a popular stance of course, because he loved Don Mattingly.
*Will wear No. 25. Grew up wearing 23 for Mattingly, but that’s been retired by the Yankees.

That’s a pretty good way to endear yourself to us Yankee fans.  Would be better if Donnie was still on the team, but we’ll take it.  I’m looking forward to this season.