From the generally awesome but often misguided Bill Simmons:

Q: You can go back in time and recast one sports movie with actors and actresses from that era. Which movie do you tackle, and what are your casting changes?
— Corey, Salt Lake City

SG: I would tweak “White Men Can’t Jump” with the following moves: Denzel Washington for Wesley Snipes and Sharon Stone for Rosie Perez. Here’s why: Snipes killed that movie (at least for me) because he was such an obviously lousy basketball player in real life. Every hoops scene physically pained me; really, nobody could stop this 5-foot-6 guy who dribbles over his ear, shoots line-drive jumpers and does the same crossover move every time? He’s so bad that every time it’s showing on Encore or TNT, I keep waiting for Mike Dunleavy to sign him during the closing credits. I just can’t handle it. As for Rosie Perez, remember when the Son of Sam claimed his neighbor’s dog talked him into murdering people? If I listened to Rosie’s voice long enough, I really feel like I could commit a homicide. And you know what else? I don’t think I’d go to hell for it. Maybe 20 years in purgatory, but ultimately, God would understand. I’m amazed this hasn’t been used as a defense in a murder trial yet: Overexposure to Rosie Perez’s voice. Anyway, you put a legitimate hoopster like Denzel in there (better actor, too) as well as Sharon Stone at her sexapex (I just created that word), and that’s one of the top 15 sports movies ever made. Alas.

White Men Can’t Jump is a perfectly cast movie.  Rosie’s performance is one of the absolute keys — if you made that movie with Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone?), it would fall completely apart.  Simmons has said some stupid shit, but good lord this one is bad.