Right now, I want every Broadway show to succeed.  (Well, not every show–I’ve seen a few that I wish would close.)  But I’ve got a particular rooting interest in Shrek.  I’m a big David Lindsay-Abaire fan (as an artist and as a person), and Jeanine Tesori has a ton of Caroline, Or Change good will built up as well.

That said, there’s a lot in this article that makes me a little nervous.  It’s never good when you’re canceling performances, especially when you’re making last minute changes.  Beyond that though, I’m looking at the song titles.  Obviously it’s hard to tell anything by song titles, but those song titles aren’t exactly inspiring a lot of confidence.  They’re pretty pedestrian.

Still, I’m hoping this one pulls through.  I’m looking forward to the reviews on December 15.  If American Buffalo has taught us a lesson, it’s that you can’t coast by on stars or reputation right now.  The reviews matter.