The problem with most white first ladies, with the exceptions of the uppity Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton, is that they’ve been so meek in their advocacy. I don’t begrudge the Bush ladies their values. What infuriates me is the collective societal pressure that makes their goody-two-shoes pablum palatable to others.

Former press secretary Perez also argued that first ladies have no power. Well, Barbara Bush may have backed away from change like a toddler near a hot stove, but not our Michelle.

First of all, the term “white first ladies” is redundant (for a few more months, at least).

More importantly, and I hate to use this as an argument, WHO THE HELL is this woman dictate (or even recommend) policy to Michelle Obama, particularly in terms of how to best serve the African-American community?  And with this advice?  Really?  REALLY?

(The hiatus isn’t quite over…but it didn’t last long, did it?)