You know when you see something, and you think it’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen, and then the reviews come out, and people think it’s the best they’ve ever seen, and sometimes it shakes the foundations of what you believe, and you wonder if you’re dumb and missed all the good points of it all, but other times you think the glowing reviewers are dumb, and they’ve missed it all, or privileged some silly awful thing that’s really not all that good but has some kind of connection to who they are or what they value and inflated the worth of what they saw, and then you think about if you do that with other work, like the work you saw not long ago in an ideal setting, then again in a less ideal setting (that should have been ideal, really, but somehow wasn’t), and you thought it was the best thing ever both times you saw it, but maybe that’s just because of how it speaks to your point of view, and maybe this other piece of garbage speaks directly to the glowing reviewers point of view, and maybe that’s why the review is glowing in the first place, and is that that bad really?

I’m having one of those times.

Even so, I’m pretty sure it just sucked.