It’s a doomsday scenario for sure.  A little much, maybe, but it’s impossibly to predict right now.  Most interesting chunk to me:

Ms. Miller said the sector has to completely change the way it operates, most importantly reducing the amount of money it spends on fundraising. Executives on the panel acknowledged that nonprofits are reluctant to merge, but suggested they collaborate on back office support and health care plans to save money.

The idea of merging in certain areas certainly is worth investigating.  Here’s where it gets super intriguing though: the thought of lowering the amount of money spent on development and fundraising.  I’m not sure folks recognize quite how much time and effort goes into development at an average not-for-profit.  It’s a lot.  And yes, it brings in a good chunk of money.  But it costs a lot to bring that money in.  I’ve always seen it as a necessary evil, so it’s interesting to hear professionals calling for cuts.