From the Washington Post (you need to login.  Also, the links are theirs, not mine):

“The commentary has to be rewired,” said Chuck D of Public Enemy, speaking on the phone from Long Island. “It’s a big difference between pointing the finger at a government run by George Bush or Ronald Reagan to a situation at hand where you feel you can address President Obama.”

He said the critique might move from “rant and rage” at the president to community ills, internationalism and the status of women.

“We are believing in certain aspects of politics now,” Common said in a phone interview. “November 4 is the first time in my life that I ever felt that America was one.”

“The next generation of kids will have something new to rap about,” said Nas.

Not surprisingly, the article doesn’t cover reactions from folks like Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, or Rebel Diaz, but it’s worth reading all in all.