Some of you reading this already know that I wrote a book and self-published a book of poetry (Fly Girls and Other Poems) a while back.  Many of you have even purchased that book already.  For those of you who have not, you can do so here.  The poems are generally pretty short and straightforward, and there’s a reason for that: I wrote each of them in response to suggestions provided by friends and other folk.  If you’re into poetry at all, I think you’ll dig it.  If you like women at all, I think you’ll dig it too.  Plus, it’s super affordable, and you can even buy a downloadable copy online for cheap.

You might also know that my play The Trophy Thieves: A High School Love Story is published by Playscripts.  You can pick up a copy hereThe Trophy Thieves was one of the first plays I ever wrote.  It’s a silly one act farce, full of slamming doors, all kinds of mistakes and misunderstandings, and the absolute intensity of high school life and love.  If you like things that are funny, you will like it.  And should buy it.  Even better, if you run an amateur theater company (or if a high school drama club), you can license performance rights and put on a show.

If you like the blog, please consider picking one (or both, or many) of these up to show your support.