5:04 — “I just left a packed laundromat.  EVERY person there was watching the TV, even the young teenagers.  This is amazing.” — Barry The Republican (BTR)

5:34 — “I’m here now.  Walked past Brokaw. He looks good.”  — Barry Bonds (BB), from the NBC floor

6:04 — “Okay, people.  Be ready.  I should know stuff in the next hour or so…NBC has good food, btw…” — BB

7:17 — “Keep an eye on Indiana…might get projected soon.”

8:54 — “It sucks to be in Texas right now” — Hello My Name is Shai (HMNS), from Houston

9:07 — “Fox News electoral count: 163-81 obama” — BB

9:20 — “foxnews projects ohio for obama…” — BB

9:23 — “OHIO!!!!!” — Rachelle (RM)

9:24 — “Watch for Florida. If that goes Obama, it’s game over for McCain.” — BB

9:26 — “Big money” — RM

9:31 — “NM!” — RM (shouting out New Mexico)

9:37 — “It’s done!  Go Ohio.” — HMNS

9:48 — “FNC EV: 200 – 90 Obama” — BB

10:02 — “You know…with Joe downtown right now!”  — Des (DB), live from The Chi

10:16 — “Yeehah!” — The Fabulous DK, from Chicago/Indiana

10:21 — “I voted 5000 TIMES” — HMNS (who isn’t a citizen, for the record)

10:24 — “Us too bro!”  — DB, probably in response to me writing “we’re going crazy here”

10:24 — “Well, we’re pretty Fucking awesome.  And I guess my vote counted.” — Northern Iowa (NI), in response to my cheers for Iowa

10:32 — “Whatchu expect? We rule!” — Southern Iowa (SI)

10:42 — “fox news is giving Virginia to Obama…” — BB

10:49 — “FNC EV: 220-138” — BB

11:03 — “OBAMA WINS” — BB

11:06 — “YEAH DUDE!!!!” — Yogi Marisa (YM)

11:22 — “It is a new day.” — SI

11:23 — “Shots.  Now.  Come home.” — Harpo Marxist (HM), after I ran down to Telephone Bar to celebrate with a host of Latinos for Obama

11:38 — “Oh shit! Can you believe it?  Time to celebrate!” — NI

11:41 — “Si se we did it” — C. Denby (CD), possibly mixing a couple of thoughts there

11:44 — “tears” — RM

11:58 — “Firecrackers on Vandy and peeps stopping traffic while singing star bangled banner” — YM, reporting from the street in Brooklyn (I like “bangled”)

12:03 — “Never in my life have I been prouder to be an American.” — Raunchy (RK), from Miami

12:04 — “OBAMA’S GETTING A PUPPY?!” — Carey (CO’B), focusing on what matters

12:05 — “Let it flow.  Ran in the street w champagne and friends and now we wait.  wow” — RM, pre-speech

12:06 — “Stuff is going to the White House–via HOLOGRAM!” — CO’B, referring to our imaginary puppy stuff and, of course, Will.I.(Hologr)Am

12:10 — “unreal” — RM

12:15 — “Wow.  This speech is incredible.” — CO’B

12:18 — “Michelle Obama.  Hot.” — CO’B (at this same time, everyone in our bar was predicting a new Obama baby in nine months)

12:31 — “Is it weird that I am still in shock?  I’m watching TV and I’m like, why are there regular commercials playing?  Do they know what just happened here?  I just can’t believe he won!  His speech was incredible.”  — CO’B

(Note…my inbox was full by now.  I might have missed a bunch of incoming messages while I deleted some old ones. My apologies.)

12:36 — “best moment for being american.  The democratic campaign has made me proud to be american many this, but this is the best.” — Lala Vega (LV)

12:57 — “People are setting off fireworks in my neighborhood” — CO’B, live from BK

1:14 — “:-)” — Diane (DA), in response to my semi-mass “Best night of my life” text (as are the next chunk of messages)

1:14 — “Yes we can!” — Jason (JG), live from the front in The Chi

1:20 — “Yes we can!  This is so wonderful!” — Buck Fifty (B5), from New Orleans

1:20 — “So true” — Big Joe (JM) from The Chi

1:20 — “i’m a sloppy tear streaked mess & yes me 2” — CD

1:20 — “I have a latinos for obama poster.  Lots of people wanted to take pics.  We tried getting into the victory party, but it was full.  I danced in the streets.” — Cindylu (LU), live from LA

1:20 — “Yo, I was there.  the sight of an old black couple crying here was the most powerful thing i’ve ever seen.” — duD (duD), live from The Chi

1:21 — “We did it!  It’s a new day!”  — Heather (HM), from OH! IO!  CLEVELANDWHAT!

(And then my bag got stolen from the bar, which sucks, so then there’s some texts related to that.  And then this morning…)

9:23 — “YES YES YES HOLY SHIT GOOD MORNING!!!!! WE DID” — Rock Star Lila (RSL), live from Louisville