Here’s a UK take on the perceived disaster Broadway is currently facing.  A lot of it quotes the Reidel article, so it doesn’t necessarily change my mind.  A very interesting point worth nothing though comes in this paragraph:

Last week, theatres were running at 78 per cent capacity, well below their usual seasonal level of nearer 90 per cent. Average ticket prices were $76. “If this was a couple of years ago, I could predict that Thanksgiving and Christmas would be the panacea,” said Hal Luftig, the producer of Legally Blonde. “But already, October isn’t responding the way other Octobers have, and who knows what’s going to happen during the holidays?”

The drop in percentage capacity is indeed scary.  It’ll be very interesting to see what happens at Thanksgiving.  All that said — and believe me, I’m no Broadway expert, so if the experts are talking gloom and/or doom, listen to them — I’m not entirely afraid for the industry.  Yet.