I wrote some short plays recently.  Real short plays.  Less than a minute each.  They’re going to be produced as part of this:
Shstrng Prdctns (producers Dominic D’Andrea, Toby Knops, Ashlin Halfnight) present the 2nd Annual One-Minute Play Festival, Oct 25th at 8PM and Oct 26th at 2PM and 8PM at TBG Arts Center (36th and 8th Ave.) Tickets are $18 dollars and available through Ticket web.

http://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?showCode=SEC15 (tickets now available!)

This 2 day only event is curated by Dominic D’Andrea, features more than 90 plays by over 40 playwrights, with 9 directors working with close to 40 actors. Every play is less than sixty-seconds from lights-up to lights-down.

The 2008 One-Minute Play Festival writers are (in no particular order):

Ed Napier, Liz Meriwether , Brian Dykstra, Rachel Axler , Caridad Svich , Bixby Elliot, Chiori Miyagawa, Justin Deabler, Jeff Lewonczyk, Alex Beech, David Zellnik, Matthew Freeman, Jihan Crowther, Ross Maxwell, Sam Forman, Kobun Kaluza , Carla Ching, Graham Gordy, Cassandra Medley , Anna Fields , Ken Urban , Kristoffer Diaz, Susan Bernfield, Leslie Kramer , Michael Sendrow , Victor Lodato, Meghan Mostyn-Brown, Robert Askins, Courtney Brooke Lauria , Anton Dudley , Saviana Stanescu, & Rob Urbinati

And Alumni Writers:

Kyle Jarrow, Clay McLeod Chapman , James Comtois, Emily Conbere , Bathsheba Doran , Ashlin Halfnight, Michael John Garces, Sibyl Kempson, Rajiv Joseph, & Anna Ziegler

PLUS special surprise guests!!

Directed by:

Carlos Armesto, Dylan McCullough, Kim Weild, Claire Lundberg, Dominic D’Andrea, Lou Moreno, Shelley Butler, Jacob Krueger, & Michael Gardner.