(Danny Hoch is a great artist and one of the reasons that I do what I do. He’s also a friend. I support his work wholeheartedly. I’ll be seeing this show in Brooklyn–you should see it whenever it rolls through your borough.  Also note–I’m keeping this post on top for a few days to spread the word, but I’ll have all kinds of content throughout the week.  Read past the first post.  And now, a note from D. Hoch himself. )

What up NYC Family! It’s been a while since I last performed here at home in NYC and I got a new solo show that opens at the Public Theater in November. But THIS WEEK I start a little tour of the boroughs with the show and ALL PERFORMANCES ARE FREE. I’m gonna hit the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn in three neighborhoods that are being hit hard with changes, namely the South Bronx, LIC and Williamsburg.

It would be an honor to have you there and support. Of course if you wanna wait until the Public Theater so you can support my pocket, then I won’t be offended if you wait until November. But the boro joints promise to be hot, and there are also a few post-show discussions.

Warning: The language is strong, and there is absolutely NO LATE SEATING. They will NOT let you in, even if you get there 5 min late. No exceptions.

Please nobody ask me for free for free tix because the TIX ARE FREE TO EVERYONE. But you MUST reserve them. NOT here on Facebook, but you can reserve tix at hhtf.org or at this link:

For group tix, contact Mike Primo

The performance schedule is:

Oct 1-4, Bronx FREE
Oct 6,7,9,10 Queens FREE
Oct 11 Brooklyn FREE
Nov 7 – Dec 14 Manhattan (Public Theater – Not Free 😉

Hope to see you all at one of the shows this fall.

(representin’ P.S. 220, J.H.S. 157, LaGuardia H.S.)