1.  I think I really liked the American Psycho movie.  It started off kind of bizarre, and well, it stayed kind of bizarre, but by the end, I started to understand the tone.  I’m hoping to finally read the book someday.  Then today I read this.  We have to be reaching the saturation point of movies turned musicals soon, don’t we?  I mean, between this and Spiderman, the whole concept is starting to take turns that no one could have predicted.

And actually, these are the musical projects that I’d rather see.  It’s not hard to make, say, Crybaby or Nine to Five into a relatively straightforward musical.  American Psycho on the other hand–that’s going to require some darkness.  It’s going to require a subversion of the form.  Could be interesting.  Could be a disaster.

2.  If you read the comments, you’ll have seen that we got a “confirmation” on the casting of Josefina Scaglione as Maria in the Broadway West Side Story, supposedly from one of her friends in Argentina.  Of course, this is the internet, so I don’t believe everything I read, but it does seem a little more likely today than yesterday.  In discussions with Mandy (one of the loyalist readers ever), we  came to the conclusion that we’re not huge fans of that casting decision.  I’ve never seen a Maria that I’ve been really impressed with, vocally or stage presence-wise.  I hope they make a strong choice.

I might add to this post throughout the day, so check back.