I’ll digging into my backlog of socks-related pictures for the next few weeks, because my camera is a little out of commission.  I’m also going to tell this story wrong, because my mom told it to me a long time ago.  But it’s pretty damn good and relevant, even if it doesn’t actually contain any socks.

So I get a picture message on my phone a while back, and it’s from my mom.  This is the picture:

This is a lonely high heel.

This is a lonely high heel.

Turns out my mom was leaving her job (or going to her job, I think), and passed this shoe on a fence near her office.  So she took a picture (I hope she wasn’t driving) and sent it to me, specifically for The Lonely Sock Project.

Which is all fine and well and good in and of itself, because lonely high heels are particularly lonely–all dressed up with nowhere to go, since it can’t go anywhere, since it’s a shoe with no foot in it.  This looks like a sensible work shoe, which probably means someone had it in her (or his–no judgments) in her bag, went to work in sneakers, got to work, went to change her shoe, and discovered that she was unable to do so.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

But…the fact that the shoe is on the fence tells another story.  Someone foudn this shoe, realized that the aforementioned scenario is what is likely to have happened, and placed the shoe in a high visibility spot on the fence, hoping that the owner would return and claim her missing footwear.  It’s a story about the good in humanity, really.

SO THEN…not much later, I get another picture message from my mother:

I cannot confirm/deny this rabbit's loneliness.

A Lonely Rabbit?

My mom had driven past the fence again, and the shoe was gone…but this stuffed rabbit was now at the foot (HA!) of the fence.

What does it all mean?