Go here for some good Alaska insight on the Sarah Palin experience — I’ve obviously got nothing I can add on any substantial front about who she is or why she’s been selected.  That post does a pretty good job of explaining it all, I think.  While you’re at it, check out what the very smart Miss Erica (fellow Liam Tancock hater) has to say too.

But here’s all I’ll say about it: the big story of the last few days was, and still is, that speech.  In fact, it was the whole convention.  Democrats–and a lot of them–are excited about our candidate in a huge way.  In fact, Democrats–and a lot of them–are excited about the entire party in a huge way that I wouldn’t have imagined possible four years ago.  80+ grand packed into that stadium and heard Obama clearly delineate his agenda, speak powerfully and eloquently, and call for the kind of common ground decision-making that is mandatory for effectively running any kind of organization that calls for consensus.  It was a historic moment, and it deserves to be remembered and built upon.

This is not a time to be reactive, folks.

If you’re excited about what you saw at the convention, be excited.  If you believe in Obama, support him.  If you believe in Biden, support him.  If you believe in any of the folks who believe in Obama/Biden and have implored you to stand behind them, support them.  Don’t hedge your bets out of fear of what could go wrong.  Don’t complain about the timing of the GOP VP announcement–that’s politics.  Don’t let the small details and difficulties and fears make this decision for you.

Yes, Obama is a politician.  So is everyone else involved in all this.  The fact that he’s good at the politics aspect of this biz shouldn’t work against him.  Nor should his popularity.  If you’re excited about what you’ve seen, be excited.

Don’t be reactive.  Don’t get bogged down in what you might perceive as pandering to the female vote.  Don’t get hung up what you dislike; rock with what you like.  And if you like what you’ve seen, like it.  Love it.  Embrace it.  The rest is distraction.  In ’04, the work was all anti-Bush, not pro-Kerry.  But folks: we can be pro-Obama here.

And look.  If you dislike stuff about what you see, dislike it.  Question it.  Hold his feet to the flames.  The promises are large and perhaps unrealistic.  But, for me at least, they are infinitely better than the alternative, which means…I’m not concerned with the alternative at all.  I’m excited.

I feel like I might be a little rambly and unclear here, but I’m sure I’ll revisit this a ton.  The basic premise is pretty straightforward though: welcome to the race, Ms. Palin.  It’ll be interesting to see what you’ve got to say.

But I’ve already got something about which to be excited.