i’m listening to her speech for the first time right now.  Here are thoughts as I have them:

*”No way, no how, no McCain.” — Gangster.  And here’s the thing: she can be just as gangster and just as important to the Democratic Party without being the Presidential nominee or even the VP nom.  Obama can stay somewhat above the fray–because that’s kind of who he is–and folks like gangster Hillary can keep doing the important work that they do for the party.  I like the way this works.


*”Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits” — slightly less gangster, but the idea is a good one.

*The more I listen to her, the more pleased I am with the way things worked out.  I think she’s powerful and important.  She speaks well, she’s smart, she’s got moxie (and I debated long and hard before using that word, because I don’t mean it condescendingly), she’s a vital part of the Democratic Party.  But I think she’s going to do better things for this country outside of the White House than she would have from the inside.

*They’re going hard at gay rights this convention–good for the Dems.  Kennedy mentioned it, Hillary’s all over it–good stuff.

*She is doing such a good job of the “and that is why I am supporting Barack Obama for President.”

*”Were you in it just for me?” — DO YOUR THING, HILLARY!  This is exactly what I want Barack to ask to, especially Barack, to ask all of us who are standing behind him to make sure that we’re not just standing behind him, but standing together for the ideals that he and Hillary (and everybody including crazy ass awesome Kucinich) stand for.

*She is the striker, folks.  She’s got no restrictions, and is saying all the attack type stuff on McCain and Bush–again, she’s opening the door for Barack to be what he needs to be–cool, calm, above the fray.

*The woman voting stuff is so fundamental and important, and now it’s a part of the discourse for the years to come.  It’s a goddamn great thing to hear.

*HARRIET TUBMAN!  Hillary’s greatest moment is Harriet Tubman!  She’s suddenly turned into a preacher, and I effing love it.

Great speech.  Here it is.