I’m going to need more information on this before I comment on it.  This speaks to something deep and potentially unsettling.  But quickly: I find it odd that Daddy Yankee is somehow the celebrity spokesman for McCain’s handling of “the immigration issue,” seeing as how he’s, you know, Puerto Rican, and a US citizen.

There is also a troubling undercurrent that I’m hoping Daddy Yankee isn’t buying into (and as a Reggaton artist who does a lot of hip-hop-related work, I can’t imagine he would be): that of Latinos reacting against the idea of a Black president, as if a strengthening of Black political power mandates a weakening of Latino political power.  But again, I feel like this election is less about race and ethnicity than about age and generational divides–and it’s puzzling to see a major young urban artist, regardless of background, ally himself with McCain.

In related news…last night was pretty fun.