That’s a dumb title for this post.  I was thinking of making some kind of “Defying Gravity” reference in this post, mainly so I could mention the name Idina Menzel and get a ton of hits as a result, but I’m way such cheap ploys.


So the real thing we’re talking about today (only took 47 words to get to it this time around) is this news article from If you’re too lazy to skip over to the link, here’s the nutshell version: Starting as soon as next month, passengers on American Airlines flights to New York City will be able to buy Broadway tickets right there on the flight.  Only four shows are involved in the pilot (ha!) program so far, and they’re big shows–Chicago, Phantom, Mamma Mia!, and Spamalot–the kind of shows that out-of-towners are certainly going to see as events.  And I guess that people must like to spend money in the air, as evidenced by Skymall’s continued success selling stuff like this that travelers seem to feel urgent needs for while en route.  So there is certainly potential for some sales there.

I think the greater (and ultimately unmeasurable) impact of something like this is that it’s yet another chance for these shows to get in front of the eyes of the target Broadway consumer: the out-of-towner with disposable income and an as-yet-unformed itinerary.  And it’s obviously a way for the airline to wring a few extra bucks out a passenger here and there (they’ll take a fee for each ticket purchased).  But is there really a value for the consumer?  They could get the same seats (probably better seats) for the same cost (probably cheaper) if they wait until they hit the ground.

It’ll be interesting to follow this one.

(In other news…I am back in NYC.  School starts Wednesday.  I’ve got lots to do before then.  I do anticipate being back at the blog full-time though.  Lots of socks to post, draft to finish, Chicago recap stuff…and of course, that Obama guy.)