For the record, we had another draft this Friday with additional teams and a less serious focus.  I can’t believe I just wrote “a less serious focus” in reference to this.  I will not be posting the results of that draft here.  Yet.


19.  Team SCS selects Bubbles, The Wire — and much like the Emmy Awards, the draft manages to ignore The Greatest Show in TV History for far too long.  I am thrilled to get the best acting performance in recent memory with the 19th overall pick.  (A note for those of you who have seen Passing Strange–the sister in this clip is played by none other than Eisa Davis.)

20.  Team Kittredge selects Sayid Jarrah, Lost — Around this point, I start feeling like a complete pop culture ignoramus, because this is another show I have never seen.  I take solace in Kitt’s admission that she’s making this pick as much to get an attractive male on her team as for any legitimate reason, making my Dark Angel pick that much less embarrassing .  But still embarrassing.

21.  Team Deeeluxe selects Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report — At the beginning of the draft, we made it clear that Jon Stewart, as an example, was ineligible to be selected, because he’s a newsman, not a character.  Barry Bonds made an excellent point here with Mr. Colbert, who was clearly eligible due to the fact that he is, indeed, a character played by an actor.  This pick would open the door for quite possibly the greatest pick of the draft in the next round.


22.  Team Deeluxe selects Frank Drebin, Police Squad! — Another “off-the-board” pick for the Deeeluxers, Frank Drebin brings not only a strong, historically impressive television career, but the undeniable added bonus of the Naked Gun flicks.  Mr. Bonds likes to test the boundaries, as you can see.

23.  Team Kittredge selects Heathcliff Huxtable, The Cosby Show — So I mean, if you’re doing this draft for real, and you really want to take the best possible first round pick, I think you’ve either got to go for Kermit or this man.  For folks of our age to let Bill Effing Cosby slip to Round Eight is just inexcusable…by all rational standards.  Barry Bonds and I (both Cosby Kids if there ever were any) could only applaud this American Girl’s selection.  (And the clip?  Best ending to a sitcom ever.  Second best ending to a television show ever, after, of course, Six Feet Under.  Second-best sitcom ending ever? I Married Dora, of course.)

24.  Team SCS selects The Rock, WWE Smackdown/Raw — I had been stewing this pick over since the beginning of the draft, but didn’t think he’d be eligible.  As soon as Colbert was selected, I knew the path was free for me to take the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  I know a lot of folks are biased against pro wrestling, and usually that’s not an unfounded bias, but the performances this guy put on when he was at the top of his game really can’t be topped anywhere on television.


25.  Team SCS selects Dwayne Wayne, A Different World — I knew someone would go for Cosby or one of the Cosby kids, and I promised that I’d grab somone from A Different World in the round immediately after.  This is one of the most important shows I ever watched — people of color in college, and a wide variety of backgrounds and personality types — this might be the most progressive sitcom I’ve ever seen.  Dwayne was the nerd who grew up and won, even if he didn’t end up with a Huxtable.  (It’s hard to find A Different World clips online, so I went instead with my other favorite Kadeem Hardison acting performance.)

26.  Team Kittredge selects Jem, Jem — And here’s Kitt’s Dark Angel pick.  Kind of.   I’ve got to say, reading the Wikipedia entry for this show makes it sound a lot more interesting than I would have imagined.

27.  Team Deeeluxe selects Barney Stimpson, How I Met Your Mother — I’ve head great things about Neil Patrick Harris on this show, and Barry forced the first season DVDs into my hands when I mentioned I had only seen bits and pieces of the series.  You gotta love getting Doogie Howser into the draft without having to actually pick Doogie Howser.

Next post, we start to move into the SPECIAL CATEGORY ROUNDS!!!

Oh yeah…way too much time went into all this.