This needs no further explanation/introduction.  Let’s continue:


10.  Team Deeeluxe selects Optimus Prime, Transformers. — It’s kind of shocking that it took Barry Bonds this long to select a robot.

11.  Team Kittredge selects Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Staying sensitive, but with some serious ass-kicking potential.

12.  Team Smichovsky selects Simon Adebisi, Oz — This pick inspired the most inappropriate jokes.  By far.  I won’t repeat them here, but if you’ve watched the show, you can imagine.  Think Peter Schibetta.


13.  Team Smichovsky selects…okay, before I tell you who I selected here, let me just explain myself.  In retrospect, I know this was a horrible pick.  I outthought myself.  I wanted more good-looking woman representation, so I started thinking of good-looking women, and ended up going for one who, at the time of her show, seemed to be as good-looking a woman I could imagine.  And so, ill-advisedly, I selected…Max Guevara, Dark Angel.  I would do it over if I could.

14.  Team Kittredge selects Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars — I have never seen this show.  Kit seemed pleased with her pick though.

15.  Team Deeeluxe selects Christopher Turk, Scrubs — GOD DAMN IT.  This made the Dark Angel pick that much worse.  Turk is one of the better characters in recent sitcom history, I think (not that I watch enough TV these days to say for sure), and he effectively killed any opportunity to choose anybody else from Scrubs.  Personally, I’d have gone with Ted if I couldn’t get Turk, but that would just be even sadder than it already was.  Phenomenal pick.  Maybe the best value of the draft…so far.


16.  Team Deeeluxe selects Sydney Bristow, Alias — Another show I never watched, but knew other people swore by.  Jennifer Garner was probably a better choice than Jessica Alba, I’ll say that much.

17.  Team Kittredge selects Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Concords — ANOTHER show I’ve never seen.  This pick is notably for setting off tensions between Kit and Barry, and the results of those tensions would be felt throughout the ensuing twelve rounds.  Yes.  There are twelve more rounds.

18.  Team Smichovsky selects Gob Bluth, Arrested Development — This guy fits with Homer and Cartman, that’s for sure.  Will Arnett happens to be responsible for two of my favorite comedy bits ever, both as Gob, so here they are: