So I’m keeping my eyes open for Lonely Socks left and right, and then one day I’m in the Atlantic Avenue train station, and I see this:

Lonely Croc #1

And of course, this changes everything. I realize that while socks can be lonely, so can almost anything that comes in a pair. So of course there are going to be lonely crocs as well. It’s possible, however, that this particular croc wasn’t so lonely after all:

Lonely Croc #1 (perhaps unlonely)

Now, there are a few ways to view this picture. One, and this is my initial reaction, is that Croc #2 is lost and alone down on that lower step, and Croc #1 has given up hope and is prepared to go it alone. That’s the sadder view, although it is, again, some kind of commentary on the indomitable human (Croc) spirit. The other way to see this, I think, is that Croc #2 is just hiding from Croc #1.

It’s a glass half-full/half-empty kind of thing. Or a Pop Tart gun vs. Twinkie gun kind of thing.