Charles Isherwood wrote an article about the International Thespian Festival.

It’s a pretty solid article, even though it leaves out a lot of the stuff I would have covered. To be fair, there’s way too much happening over the course of the week to mention it all.

Here’s the first couple of paragrapsh to get you started:

THE room hummed with excitement. Table hopping was rampant. Warm congratulations and lavish compliments spritzed the air with fizzy good cheer. That secret ingredient that transforms a festive gathering into an electric one — the presence of celebrity — was easily detected.

The opening-night party for a Broadway show after the socko reviews have come in? Bar Centrale, around midnight at the height of the season?

No, it was an Applebee’s here, just after noon on a Wednesday in June.

This particular branch of the restaurant chain, you see, sits on the edge of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For a week every year the tides of Husker fever that roil the university are stilled, as this sports-crazed campus becomes the world capital of high school drama geekdom. More than 2,000 students from across the country, joined by a sprinkling of foreign visitors and a couple of hundred teachers and chaperones, descend on Lincoln for the International Thespian Festival, an annual extravaganza organized by the Educational Theater Association.

And when you’re done with that, you can look at this — pictures of the entire Festival.  I’m in that second link somewhere if you look hard enough.