This is an e-mail I got from my homegirl Eisa Davis, who stars in Passing Strange (far right in the picture below). I’ve mentioned it a million times, but this show needs your support. Spike Lee digs it. So should you (ignore that he also digs the Knicks). Go see this show. Now. In The Heights will be there later.

Spike Lee to film Broadway’s ‘Passing Strange’

Jul 3, 2008, 01:43 PM | by Nicole Sperling

Categories: Theater, TV Biz

Spike Lee is going to Broadway. The Oscar-nominated writer/director will be spending part of his July filming the Tony-winning production Passing Strange. Lee will film the musical by singer/songwriter Stew over the course of a weekend, shooting two shows with audiences and then a third one without. (He did a similar thing with his 2000 concert film The Original Kings of Comedy.) Passing Strange‘s producers are financing the production, and while no distribution deal has been set, sources believe it will air on cable television upon completion. The musical centers on a young black musician who sets off on a journey to find “the real” after being raised in a church-going middle-class Los Angeles neighborhood. It was originally developed at the Sundance Institute Theatre Lab.




So you hate Broadway? You’ll love this show. It’s black and it rocks. Hard. From its punk roots in South Central, to the hash bars of Amsterdam, to the anarcho-socialist-performance artist squats of Berlin, it’s the story that’s never been told on the Great White Way. Yeah, it’s the best reviewed musical in years, and it’s won a Tony and a couple Obies and some other awards. Even though they like it, you NEED to see it. It’s about identity and the masks we wear, about making art and how art makes you. It’s a concert and a play, a riot and a heartbreaker. It’s PASSING STRANGE, and it was made for you.

Already seen it? See it again. And bring your whole crew.

Check a video here.

The Belasco Theatre, 111 W 44th St between 6th Ave and Broadway

Oh, and the soundtrack is now available too…