Don’t get me wrong. In its current state, Hancock is far from a great movie. In fact, it’s only kind of a good movie. But man, as you sit there and watch it, you can’t help but see all the ways it could have been something really unique and completely special.

I won’t go too deep into the plot, because you can find that anywhere on the web. What I’ll say is this: I think there are at least three movies all piled into this one movie, and to take it even a step further, I think there is a multi-season television show that could handle all this mythology in a compelling, multidimensional way. There is stuff in this flick that deserves a nice slow burn/reveal, and it all comes tumbling out quick via clunky exposition and explanations. And the explanations are actually fine for this kind of story, because it’s not the big flashy superhero movie that the previews would lead you to expect. It’s a very personal internal struggle kind of story, and there’s a good amount of psychoanalysis to be done, and if you sprinkled that in with a whole lot of the flash and comedy that comes from the premise, you’d be in great shape.

It’s so close. But not quite there.

That said…Chalize Theron has to be the most superheroest looking women in the world.