So my favoritest theater orgs in the world are probably The Lark (whose model for new play development should be emulated constantly, all over the place) and The Hip-Hop Theater Festival.  My connection to the HHTF is a deep one–not deep in the sense that they developed my work or gave me grants or brought me out to San Francisco sight unseen (although they’ve done all these things for me), but deep in a personal connection kind of sense.  Kamilah and Clyde and Danny (who isn’t technically involved in the running of things at HHTF anymore, but will always be one of the faces I associate with org) have done right by me for years.  They’ve looked out for me.  And they’re Brooklyn-based, young and energetic and of my generation and culture–they’re my home theater company, and probably always will be.

The Festival started in NYC years back, but has sprouted, and now calls a whole bunch of cities homes away from home.  DC is one of those cities, and in less than a week, the 2008 DC Fest kicks off.  And I tell you what–if I wasn’t so poor and hadn’t been spending all summer on the road, I’d definitely consider making the drive and sticking around for the whole thing.  HHTF is bringing in the big guns for DC this year: Sonia Sanchez (need I say more?), Chinaka Hodge (who I’ve mentioned before), Baba Israel, Universes, Marc Bamuthi Joseph (who might just be a for real, no joke genius), Sekou the Misfit, Steve Connell — it’s a squad of a line-up.  If you’re in DC, and you’ve got any inclination towards any kind of anything that could remotely be considered hip-hop theater, you have to go check this out.

And don’t even get me started about the New York Festival.