So a while back I went to see the Telectroscope in Dumbo. I was very excited about it. I’m not sure why. There’s not a lot to the Telectroscope–I mean, you get to look at people in London via live video. If I knew someone in London (I mean, I do know people in London…hmmm), then maybe I could make a date to see them face-to-face, and then (cue music) even though we’d know how very far about we are, it’d help to think we might be wishing on the same bright star. Ahem.

So I wasn’t really all that impressed by the video part of it, but I think the video part of it is really not the point. I mean, look at this:

And then this:

More know.

And it’s kind of amazing.

More pics of this and other awesome stuff from DUMBO can be found here.