For those of you who care to know what I’m working on/doing for the rest of the summer:

1. For the past week I’ve been in NYC, finishing up a first draft of the adaptation of Lorca’s Blood Wedding that I’ve been working on for the past year with director Jaime Castaneda. I’m also starting a new play called VORP (Value Over Replacement Player) — an absurd comedy about baseball sabermetrics (expect a more detailed post on this within the next week or so). After a year of school where I’ve studied nothing but the business of show business, it feels good to devote some time to the show.

2. Tonight I head off to Houston for a mini-vacation (one that undoubtedly will result in a great many stories that will not be related on this or any other blog ever), then over to Nebraska, where I’ll be dramaturging and teaching as part of the International Thespian Festival (which I feel like I’ve already blogged about, but whatever–most of you are just getting here for the first time now anyway). I’ll be working on a one-act play (written by a high school student) about a small community whose government forces all personal interaction to take place through a Facebook-like application. It’s exciting. Last year, I worked on a play about Ireland and the IRA and hunger strikes–I guess I’m the go-to ‘turg for plays with some sort of issue-mindedness. Can’t imagine why that is.

Also, I will be eating lots of soft-serve ice cream.

3. July is a bit up in the air, so if you’ve got some gigs for me, let me know. I’ll be turning 31 at the end of the month, and since I spent my 30th birthday in Cleveland (no offense to Cleveland), I might just treat this year like the big 3-0. i’ll also be looking for full-time employment for the fall, so if you know of any good artistic associate/manager type gigs, keep me in mind.

4. In August, I’ll be in Chicago twice (or possibly for one long trip), working on two different plays. First up, I’ll be working on The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity at Victory Gardens from August 5th to 10th. Then, Jaime and I will be back at American Theater Company, working with Teatro Vista on a large-scale workshop of our Blood Wedding. That runs until the 24th or 25th–I’ll update when I know more.

Then it’s back home to Brooklyn, jumping back into school and (hopefully) some kind of awesome new job.

So there you go.

(EDIT: So with my trip out of town, posts will be somewhat non-existant for the next few days, unless I can figure out how to auto-post the one bad boy I’ve got left.  Take the chance to read through the old posts [there are some good ones in there, I promise], leave some comments, suggest some things you want me to write about, and I’ll deal with it all from Nebraska.)