And you know what, folks?

On a whole lot of levels, this is the equivalent of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s speech from Sunday night.

I actually just meant to post the link and then go to sleep, but I’m going to expound a little bit.

See, I come from a generation that often didn’t/doesn’t thrive on excitement.  Our athletes are encouraged to act like they’ve been there.  Our performers are drilled on professionalism and saying the right things.  Our politicians–well, first of all, we haven’t had our politicians until lately, and I’m not just talking about Obama–have learned to play political games, walk the straight and narrow, avoid offending folks.  And of course, there’s value in all that.  But there’s also a lot of value in this:

Joba Chamberlain.

And this.

We need emotion.  My generation needs emotion.  More importantly, we need joy.

Congratulations, KG.