My computer is still in the shop.  But thanks to my roommate Kelli and her computer I’ve been able to keep posting all week.  It’s hard to update my actual website on someone else’s computer though, so I’ll announce this right here on my blog instead:

I’ve been selected as one of the first twenty recipients of the Future Aesthetics Artist Regrant Program (FAAR), funded by the Ford Foundation (big shouts to Roberta Uno!) and administered by a whole cohort of exciting arts institutions, including Youth Speaks, Global Action Project, La Pena Cultural Center, Miami Light Project and Rennie Harris Puremovement, all alongside the good, good people at the Hip-Hop Theater Festival.  The roster of selected artist is impressive–anytime I get to be named in the same breath as folks like Baba Israel and Regie Cabico, I’m happy–and I look forward to getting to know the work of the artists who I don’t yet know.

The grant itself is pretty much what you want out of a grant: free and clear funds to help support you while you work on new stuff.  It’s pretty much going to allow me to spend a good chunk of the summer working on two new projects: the adaptation of Blood Wedding that Jaime Castaneda and I have been developing
in Chicago, and my new absurdist comedy based on baseball sabermetrics (more on that in another post).  It’s rare that you get money just to be an artist.  It’s nice. Very nice.

Huge thanks to Clyde, Kamilah, Elz, Kristen, Daphne, and everyone at the HHTF, as well as the aforementioned Roberta Uno and everyone connected with the FAAR grants.  And congrats to all the recipients (I’m only going to post their names–hopefully their impressive bios and pics will soon be up on the HHTF website):

Kahlil Almustafa
Holly Bass
Naomi Bragin
Regie Cabico
Kristoffer Diaz
Rudi Goblen
Idris Goodwin
Baruch “Baba” Israel
Millicent Johnnie
Jovenes del 98
Michelle Lee
Jacob ‘Kujo’ Lyons
Adam Mansbach
Robert Martin
Jamie Merwin
Christine Peng
Omar Ramirez
David Szlasa
Nicolas Valdez
Adia Whitaker