I’m often faced with conflicted emotions when I stumble across something like this.  Part of me doesn’t want to link to it or even acknowledge its presence.  But the fact of the matter remains that this motherfucking thing exists, and I’m flabbergasted.  And I’ve got a blog, so I’m almost obligated to talk about it.  So here we go?


Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez, Salma Hayek?  Really?  SALMA HAYEK?  Salma Hayek plays (I imagine) a chihuahua named Foxy.  In Mexico.  And she’s not the star–the star is Drew Barrymore.

Somehow, that almost pisses me off more than anything else  (and those of you who know me know my longtime affection for Drew–remind me to tell the story of serving her breakfast in bed if you haven’t heard it).  But really?  It’s a movie placing these dogs as some kind of Aztec Warriors (although, as that wiki link about claims, they’re actually showing a version of Peru in those clips, not Mexico), and it stars all the Mexicans in Hollywood (yes, even Cheech), and Drew Barrymore is the lead?

I mean, not even Cameron Diaz?  Jessica Alba?  Some other Latina/Chicana who is passing and would therefore make the whole thing at least some kind of meta-cinematic train wreck exercise?

But really.  It’s early to pass judgment.  I have little information on this thing that what you see above.

But what you see above might just be enough.