1.  I cleaned my room today.  Finally.

1a.  This isn’t a way you know the semester is over.  It’s more of a statement.  I love the Swiffer.  God damn that’s a great invention.  My room smells LOVELY (c) Savion Glover (there is no way anyone reading this will get that reference).

2.  I’m going to a play reading tonight instead of going to class.  It’s at The Women’s Project.  It’s a Virginia Woolf play being read by SITI Company.

2a.  That’s right.  I’m going to a reading of a Virginia Woolf play by the SITI Company, and it’s not for school.  You can see that I’m starved for outside endeavors.  (This, of course, is not a shot at Ms. Woolf or SITI–it’s just that I’m not exactly a huge fan of either entity.  I’m excited about this though–can only be  the post-school giddies.  That’s right, I said giddies.