So last night I go to this reading at The Women’s Project–oh right, I mentioned it in my last post. So I go, and I’ve got no idea what to expect…and I laughed my ass off. It’s a bizarre play, made more bizarre by the fact that it’s written by Virginia Woolf, who for some reason you just wouldn’t expect to have written something so light and silly and ultimately fun. I won’t review it, because (a) I don’t think I’m going to review stuff here and (b) it was a reading, and an early reading at that, and SITI is going to be doing an actual production of the play (called Freshwater) at The Women’s Project in January 2009. All I’ll say is I’m glad I went (not always the case with theater), and I’m actually pretty excited about seeing the full production next season.

Also of note…Zaytoon’s. I love it. It’s my favorite restaurant ever. There’s one near-ish my apartment. I go there a lot. I don’t have anything to say about it, really, other than I love it. Dearly. And I ate there last night. I don’t think I will mention every time I eat at Zaytoon’s in this blog, because that would get embarassing.

I am going to try to keep up on all the stuff I do this summer, and I’m hoping it’ll all be of some kind of interest to you New Yorkers, not because I’m doing it, but because you might want to do it too. It’s like peer pressure. Almost exactly.

Oh…and I’m halfway through Snuff, the new Chuck Palahniuk. It’s definitely a Chuck Palahniuk. Quick read, fun, dark, ridiculous. And this one’s about porn, which always means a fun read. He even name drops Violet Blue, which isn’t exactly surprising, but is fun to note. There was something else I wanted to say about Snuff, but I can’t remember it right now. I’ll do a fuller review when I’m finished.

Damn. Didn’t I just say no reviews?