1.  You finish a test, go straight to a bookstore (SHAKESPEARE AND CO, WHAT!), and buy three brand new books that are in no way school related.  Junot Diaz and Chuck Palahniuk are the best celebrations of a completed school year that I can imagine.

2.  You start a brand new blog that you will undoubtedly struggle to update regularly throughout the summer, and almost certainly abandon by the time school starts again in the fall.

3.  The semester isn’t really over, but there’s only that one last take-home essay/final that you’re confident you can bang out in an hour but will probably take several hours and you’ll be cursing your overconfidence all the way through.

4.  You’ve already gotten an A for a class you don’t think you deserved an A in.

5.  You’re making plans, big plans, to explore the fuck out of New York City all summer long, and these plans include puppets this week, Lauren Ambrose in Central Park sometime soon, the Brooklyn Cyclones as often as possible, and of course, a new digital camera.

I won’t yet tell you what my plans are for this blog, but I have plans, which is unusual for me.

I’ll try to stick to them.